2013 Annual Convention
June 20 - 23, 2013
Marriott Hotel
Boca Raton Florida

Photos by Jim Bridges

Marriott Hotel, Boca Raton FL

View from photographer's window

Cooked-to-order breakfast each morning

Morning coffee:  Pat Merritt, Don Mixon, Cindy Erndt

Registration:  Connie & Fred Roush, Damon Veach, Lillian Lopez-Farara

The best hibiscus shirt at the convention

Trying to stay awake at the meetings:  Paul Felsberg and Rita Hall

Mary Bridges and Lillian Lopez-Farara

The Seed Pod Editor Rita Hall giving her report.  With Recording Secretary Pat Merritt and AHS President Damon Veach

AHS Treasurer Walter Bisselle giving the Financial Report

Taking it all in:  Joyce Melebeck and Deb Spencer

 Curt Sinclair and Fred Roush
The First Annual Nola Reynolds/Ann Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award went to Curt, but he could not stay for the Banquet to accept it

CJ Melebeck pulling raffle tickets while winners are choosing their plants

Val Longson and Walter Bisselle seem pleased with their raffle plant

I never did ask Executive Secretary Ann Peltier, 2nd VP Joanna Schimek, and Cindy Wilson why they retreated outside so often

Connie Roush and our official photographer Jim Bridges

Saturday afternoon in the garden of Past AHS president Eddie Griffith and Stan Tillotson.  Cindy Erndt, Wanda Schmoyer, Eddie Griffith, Pat Merritt, Barbara Hagan-Smith, Margaret Nixon

AHS Director Lillian Lopez-Farara admiring one of Eddie's nearly 1000 orchid plants

Getting ready for the guided tour.  Cindy Erndt, Eddie Griffith, Pat Merritt, Mary Bridges, Gary Mathews, John Newton, Gloria Mikulenka, Dave Wallin, Krista Mathews, Dee Wallin

The entire group on the garden tour

Time for lunch provided by the Conrad Sunrise Chapter

Joanna Schimek, Cindy Erndt, Gloria Mikulenka

Wanda Schmoyer and Lone Star Chapter's 2nd VP John Newton

Lone Star Chapter President Jeanette Elliff and Dave Mitchell

St. Croix USVI Chapter's Patsy and Bradley Christian and Marsha Schuman

Sisters Barbara Hagan-Smith and Betsy La Fever

BVI Chapter's Dr. Dawn Baine, her mother Monica Allen, and Lillian Lopez-Farara

Soon-to-be footloose and fancy free Cindy Adkins Erndt and the Widow Merritt

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